Borough of Nesquehoning Sanitation Department


114 W. Catawissa Street
Nesquehoning, PA 18240


Monday - Friday  8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Monthly garbage rate $30.00 for residential

Monthly garbage rate $30.00 for Commercial & Industrial

A surcharge will be applied to accounts that is placing items out that is over and above the limited amounts.

The garbage will only be picked up at one location for each billed address.

Notice of New Garbage Collection Rules

In order to keep the monthly garbage collection rates as low as possible, regulations regarding the amount, the type of garbage, and the collection times have been established by the Borough of Nesquehoning Sanitation Department. We believe that it will prove prudent to share the rules and definitions with our citizens.

The Borough of Nesquehoning Sanitation Department will begin collections no earlier than 5:00 a.m. prevailing time.

Collection Limits

The once a week collection is limited to six (6) containers not exceeding thirty-two (32) gallon capacity for each for residential and commercial units.  For any requirements beyond this limit, the commercial unit shall have the authority to employ a refuse contractor to collect their excess refuse but will still be required to pay the established monthly fee to the Borough. The Borough of Nesquehoning Sanitation Department will only take the items listed. They will not take wet paint, stone or cement products, or construction materials. Carpet must be cut into 3 foot sections and bundled properly. Our workers will take reasonable care of your container and try to replace the lids on the containers whenever possible. The sanitation workers will not be picking up tires; however, a stamped permit for your tires may be purchased in advance at the borough office and the tires (not mounted) may be then put out on the normal garbage pick-up day for the workers to pick up, with the sticker attached to the tires. Each tire needs its own separate permit.


  • Garbage: It was agreed that garbage is to include, but not limited to, any offal of refuse of fish, fruit, vegetable, animal matter, or any other organic substance subject to fermentation or decay.
  • Rubbish: The word rubbish is agreed to include, but not limited to, paper, rags, boxes, old clothing, cans and similar containers, old shoes, oil cloth, and any and all other waste materials which result from the ordinary conduct of housekeeping.
  • Large Items: Large items of waste are declared to include, but not limited to, Christmas trees, furniture, stoves, refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners. All Freon must be removed from all items and must have the sticker attached to show this has been done. This is in accordance with Federal Law.

*** Please Note that there are Changes for the Garbage Collection***

Collection Schedule

MONDAY:          Lake Hauto

WEDNESDAY:         Village of Hauto, Hauto Estate, Nesquehoning, New Columbus

The large item collection will be the first pick up each month.  -   Please check the calendar!!

Changes in the Collection Schedule

Any changes in the collection schedule or collection of large items will be posted at the borough office, aired on WLSH, and/or in the Times News. When a Holiday falls on your scheduled pick-up, garbage pick up will be a day late for the rest of the week.  If there are any questions concerning the garbage collection, you may contact the borough office during regular business hours.